Road Rules: African Safari is the third season of the Road Rules series. It features six strangers traveling in a reinforced RV around Africa (Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Kenya), living with eachother, doing missions, and interacting with wildlife.

Cast Edit

Asriel 20 Indian/Israeli; long black hair; extremely nice and friendly
Valeria 23 African-American; extremely short black hair; insecure
Kendall 18 Petite, blonde, and spunky; athletic; outgoing and friendly; country accent
Joshua 22 Curly/poofy black hair; funny
Sascha 21 Russian; curly reddish brown hair; extremely tall and large frame
Rowan 19 Blonde hair; surfer-look; mature and understanding

Memorable Moments Edit

  • Valeria frequently breaks down in hysteria, over various reasons. Mainly, it's because she believes no one likes her.
  • Asriel and Kendall are the "sweethearts" of the season. The other cast members commented that they were just so genuine and friendly and always comforted and talked to everyone, and were just generally great people.
  • Rowan was on the show to break the stereotype of blonde surfer guys. He was very mature and open about everything, and wanted to learn about different cultures and different types of people.
  • Sascha felt out of place because he was non-American, and couldn't relate as well to the not only the other people on the RV, but also the Africans.
  • When visiting one of the tribe's, a few members of the tribe made fun of Asriel's mixed race, upsetting her. The same tribe made Joshua, Sascha, Rowan, and Kendall feel out of place, instead choosing to befriend Valeria, which made things awkward and tense on the RV for a few days. When they had left, the tension caused Valeria to break down again.
  • Joshua was the jokester of the cast, and was constantly telling jokes and playing pranks on people, which lightened the mood.
  • This cast didn't have any major fights or feuds, which caused Sarah from Road Rules: American Tour to say, "This was a boring season!" jokingly.