Road Rules: American Tour is the second season in the Road Rules series. It featured six strangers traveling in an RV around America. They drove through every state in the continental United States.

Cast Edit

Sarah 21 Long brown hair; model; adventurous
Deja 19 Biracial; tan skinned; rocker-look; short dark brown hair
Marlita 23 Hispanic; nice, meek
Rishaad 22 Indian-American; reserved
Tony 24 Native American; wise
Marq 22 African-American; large afro

Memorable Moments Edit

  • Around midway through the season, Sarah and Deja began to have an ongoing feud that escalated into a loud yelling match between the two. They left the RV on bad terms, but since then, they have made up.
  • Sarah was bent on "living life to the fullest" and consistently did unusual and daring things (such as riding on top of the RV), claiming to have no regrets about anything.
  • Marlita was very quiet and shy at first. The rest of the cast had a talk with her, and explained that they thought she should come out of her shell more and also assert herself more. Marlita showed a little improvement, but most of the rest of the cast still thought she did too much to please others, and not enough for herself.
  • Tony's wisdom guided the cast. Most of the others said they felt like he was much older than them, but in truth he was only one to five years older than them all.
  • Deja and Marq bonded over their common pasts, and became very good friends. Rishaad and Tony also bonded because of their similar personalities.
  • In one mission, they are supposed to bungee jump, and Marlita is so distressed, she breaks down. Sarah makes a remark that Deja finds insensitive to Marlita, and thus excoriates her. Sarah later apologizes to Marlita, but Marlita is unable to muster the courage to bungee jump.
  • Deja struggles to find her identity as a musician. She claims she wants to be in a band, but along the way she performs several shows by herself. She later joins a band once the show ends.