Road Rules: Micronesia is the fourth season of the Road Rules series. It features six strangers living together and traveling in an RV (and sometimes a boat) around Micronesia.


Name Age Description
Kendra 18 Silky black hair; just graduated high school
Alexandria 19 Medium-length brown hair; reserved
Sienna 18 African American; short, straight brown hair; loud and outspoken
Kekoa 21 Hawaiian; well built, tall and muscular
Cane 23 Short, brown buzz cut; extremely muscular and well built
Stefan 20 Tall; skinny; spiky black hair

Memorable Moments Edit

  • Kendra was just out of high school, and this was the first time she was really away from her family for an extended time. She handled the trip well, and she claimed it helped her mature.
  • Sienna got into confrontations with nearly everyone; most notably an ongoing feud with Alexandria.
  • Kekoa was frustrated at the general lack of athleticism in the cast, which caused the others to frown upon him.
  • At the beginning of the show, Kendra called Stefan "sneaky" which caused a lot of drama in the RV. By the end, though, they were great friends.
  • Cane bonded with the girls, which caused Kekoa and Stefan to feel awkward around him.
  • Alexandria was shy coming onto the show, and didn't quite feel comfortable. Her reserve caused some of the others to mirror it; at the beginning she didn't have many close bonds. By the end, she had come out of her shell a little more and bonded with everyone.
  • Cane decided to join the military towards the end of the show, causing Kendra to cry because she, "didn't want him to get blown up or shot".
  • Sienna and Alexandria had a feud that started towards the seasons end and lasted well after the show. It started when Sienna berated and bullied Alexandria for not being "fun and happy" and claimed she was too introverted and only cared about herself. Alexandria retaliated loudly, surprising everyone. They had a loud argument that lasted for several hours. Throughout the rest of the season, they continue to argue and belittle eachother. Most of the cast are uneasy and avoid taking sides, except Kendra, who hesitantly stands up for Alexandria, causing Sienna to blow up on her on several occasions.