Road Rules: South Asia is the first season in the Road Rules series. It featured six strangers living together in an RV and traveling across the south Asian continent, mainly Thailand, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Laos, and Myanmar.

Cast Edit

Alayne 21 Blonde hair; from a small town.
Maddie 19 Brown hair; outspoken and stubborn
Amber 23 African-American; on the heavier side
Todd 22 Asian-American; smart and calm
Max 19 Blonde; from the Netherlands
Frank 23 Spiky red hair; usually wears sunglasses; very calm and relaxed.

Memorable Moments Edit

  • Alayne and Maddie are at eachother's throats almost the entire season. Alayne is frustrated at Maddie's promiscuity and rudeness. After the show ended, most of the cast claimed that Alayne was the one who often pursued the arguments, despite the editing.
  • Alayne discovering the world is a major point of the series. She hails from a small town where everyone is relatively wealthy. She breaks down crying at the poverty the cast encounters in Bangladesh.
  • The guys form an extremely close bond, as well as Amber.
  • Amber stated that she thought she would be "the major bitch" at the beginning, but that Alayne and Maddie took that position.
  • Another focal point of this season was Max experiencing American culture (as well as Asian culture). He claims, "Americans are crazy. I've lived with them for 2 months."