Road Rules: Vertical Climb is the twenty third season of the Road Rules series. It features seven strangers living together and traveling in an RV, visiting mountain ranges in the United States, Asia, Africa, and South America.


Name Age Description
Amy 18 long brunette hair, baby face, slightly stocky
Kandi* 19 Indian, long wavy hair, big nose, tan skin, model. EXPELLED FOR HITTING AMY
Ajay "J" 22 mixed but with light skin and light eyes, short hair with long sideswept bangs
John 20 white, "gangsta" style
Sukhbataar "Sukh" 21 Mongolian, muscular, long hair that is usually tied back
Travion 22

black, tall, stocky, afro

Amanda* 22 black hair with silver streaks, tattoos, singer. REPLACES KANDI

Memorable Moments Edit